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Granule loader

designed for supplying of granulated glue to the pre-melter tank


The automated granulate loader (model VL) is designed for supplying of granulated glue to the pre-melter tank or glue bath of the edge-banding machine during its operation. The granulated glue is preliminary filled into the loader tank.

Operation principle

In an automatic operation mode the unit monitors the filling of the pre-melter tank on the edge-banding machine and, as it empties, feeds granulate from the loader tank. Designed to automate the operation of any type of equipment working with granules.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Value
Permissible size of granule fraction (in diameter), mm от 3 до 5
Density of granulated glue, g/cm3, maxim. 1,4
Performance, kg/min от 1 до 3
Air consumption (during loading of granulate), l/min, maxim. 600
Pressure of air supply, bar от 6 до 8
Supply voltage, V 220
Input current, А, maxim. 0,5
Recommended operating temperature, °C 10 - 35
Length, mm 680
Width, mm 640
Height, mm 1085
Weight (before loading of granules), kg 60
Tank volume, l 160

Installation of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system, Bosch Rexroth electronics and native software of LINTERA for self-traveling sprayer OVC-4224.

The new transmission is fundamentally different from the serial counterparts of European manufacturers. For the first time a single-pump diagram for 4 motor-wheels was applied. Everything is controlled via electronics.

  • Electronic control of hydrostatic transmission with four EP-electronically controlled motors.
  • Electronic Rotation Control (LINTERA software).
  • Electronic control of the chemical pump drive (LINTERA software).

What problems have been solved?

  • Increased efficiency factor due to removal of flow dividers.
  • Significantly improved control and increased comfort level. Speed is regulated by one pedal. Depending on the conditions the controller controls diesel engine speed and hydrostatics, there is a cruise control and 4 modes, including ECO mode to save fuel.
  • Slipping is excluded due to the electronic control of hydraulic motors.
  • Other additional functions are possible due to the electronic control.

Additionally implemented

Indication of speed, filter elements contamination, necessity to carry out a maintenance and other information about the state of the machine on the electronic display type DI4, which serves for monitoring, change of parameters and diagnostics.

Technical team - leading machine-building design offices of the Republic of Belarus

  • Head specialized design office “MTZ” - design and manufacture of power unit and cabin.
  • Head specialized design office ”Gomselmash” - design of hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Machine-building Joint Institute of the Belorussian Academy of Sciences - frame and electronics design, monitoring of all components, assembly.
  • “Lidagroprommash” JSC - tests and putting to serial production.
  • “Lintera TechServise” LLC - installation of native software.

Direct electronic control of the main hydraulic systems of the dump truck (steering, brakes, lifting of the platform) allowed to build already working autonomous dump truck-robots.

For example, the robotic dump truck BelAZ-7513R can operate in command, remote or autonomous modes as part of robotic mining complexes.
Two BelAZ-7513R since 2019 work in Khakassia (Russia) in the career "Abakansky".

Pilotless BelAZ are prepared for launch also at the Belarusian enterprise “Granite” in Mikashevichy. The 90-ton machines will perform all works independently, the operator at the same time controls the processes from the office.

In the project is applying

New electronic steering device

The solution is an electronic control unit with integrated software and CAN bus interface and provides more accurate, convenient and safe steering. The electronic unit can replace the traditional steering column due to a robust steering input function that can be installed in both electro-hydraulic and electromechanical across-the-wire steering systems..

Wheel turning angle sensor

with digital output via CAN-bus, in a stabile housing with bearing.

Controllers type RC manufactured by Bosch Rexroth

with software designed jointly by specialists of “BelAZ” and “Lintera”.

Complex projects with Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, electronics and native software

For extra-large wheel loader BELAZ-78250 with 25-ton bucket capacity

  • Installation of electronic control of working equipment.
  • Installation of electronic steering control with electronic joystick.
  • Installation of fan drive.
  • Power calculation.
  • Connection to the traction electric drive system.
  • Calculation of the load weight in the bucket during lifting.
  • Programming of automatic repeating of work operations.

For MTZ tractors brand «Belarus»

Hydraulics and electronics set with software for MTZ tractors brand «Belarus», including a variable pump with an additional compactly built-in oil feed and filtration circuit.

What problems have been solved?

  • The electronic control of the attachments hydraulics allows to till the soil more evenly and precisely regardless of the condition and hardness of the soil, as a result the yield is increased.

For storing glue application units of the edge-banding machines.


Vacuum container (model VK) is intended for storage of glue application units of the edge-banding machines when using polyurethane adhesives (PUR, PU) during technological breaks in the operation of equipment.

Operation principle

The glue application unit is stored under conditions of low atmospheric pressure. To create a vacuum inside the working chamber of the container, it shall be connected to the air supply of the consumer. After locking the lid and creating of the vacuum necessary for storage, the container can be disconnected from the air supply for further long-term or short-term separate storage.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Value
Pressure of air supply, bar 5 – 8
Air consumption (at a pressure of air supply 6 bar), l/min 120 (maxim. up to 150)
Created vacuum, bar -0,7
Vacuum time period up to -0,7 bar (at a pressure of air supply 6 bar), minute up to 2
Recommended operating temperature, °C 10 – 35
Length, mm 530
Width, mm 355
Height, mm 635
Weight of container, kgг 60

Implementation of a pump combination on one shaft and removal of a power takeoff (PTO) from design of the BELAZ dump truck.

What problems have been solved?

Significantly improvement of efficiency factor and technical availability of BELAZ dump trucks.

For BELAZ-75710

Installation of the rear axle automatic rotation system of the dump truck BELAZ-75710

What problems have been solved?

  • This electronic system made it possible to reduce tire wear due to the synchronously rotation of the front and rear axles of the dump truck.
  • Jerking and hydraulic impacts disappeared

One more project is also related to Klaipeda and was implemented in 2014. The Bosch Rexroth solution was also chosen for reconstruction of the Pilies tiltas draw-bridge across the Dane River. During this project we also cooperated with colleagues from Poland.

For this project an electronic hydraulic system was supplied, tested and put into operation based on the Bosch Rexroth hydraulic power station, two electric motors 55 kW and large hydraulic cylinders 300/180 mm with a piston stroke 1610 mm, manufactured at Bosch Rexroth specialized factory in Bokstel, Netherlands.

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