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Direct electronic control of the main hydraulic systems of the dump truck (steering, brakes, lifting of the platform) allowed to build already working autonomous dump truck-robots.

For example, the robotic dump truck BelAZ-7513R can operate in command, remote or autonomous modes as part of robotic mining complexes.
Two BelAZ-7513R since 2019 work in Khakassia (Russia) in the career “Abakansky”.

Pilotless BelAZ are prepared for launch also at the Belarusian enterprise “Granite” in Mikashevichy. The 90-ton machines will perform all works independently, the operator at the same time controls the processes from the office.

In the project is applying

New electronic steering device

The solution is an electronic control unit with integrated software and CAN bus interface and provides more accurate, convenient and safe steering. The electronic unit can replace the traditional steering column due to a robust steering input function that can be installed in both electro-hydraulic and electromechanical across-the-wire steering systems..

Wheel turning angle sensor

with digital output via CAN-bus, in a stabile housing with bearing.

Controllers type RC manufactured by Bosch Rexroth

with software designed jointly by specialists of “BelAZ” and “Lintera”.

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