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Installation of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system, Bosch Rexroth electronics and native software of LINTERA for self-traveling sprayer OVC-4224.

The new transmission is fundamentally different from the serial counterparts of European manufacturers. For the first time a single-pump diagram for 4 motor-wheels was applied. Everything is controlled via electronics.

  • Electronic control of hydrostatic transmission with four EP-electronically controlled motors.
  • Electronic Rotation Control (LINTERA software).
  • Electronic control of the chemical pump drive (LINTERA software).

What problems have been solved?

  • Increased efficiency factor due to removal of flow dividers.
  • Significantly improved control and increased comfort level. Speed is regulated by one pedal. Depending on the conditions the controller controls diesel engine speed and hydrostatics, there is a cruise control and 4 modes, including ECO mode to save fuel.
  • Slipping is excluded due to the electronic control of hydraulic motors.
  • Other additional functions are possible due to the electronic control.

Additionally implemented

Indication of speed, filter elements contamination, necessity to carry out a maintenance and other information about the state of the machine on the electronic display type DI4, which serves for monitoring, change of parameters and diagnostics.

Technical team – leading machine-building design offices of the Republic of Belarus

  • Head specialized design office “MTZ” – design and manufacture of power unit and cabin.
  • Head specialized design office ”Gomselmash” – design of hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Machine-building Joint Institute of the Belorussian Academy of Sciences – frame and electronics design, monitoring of all components, assembly.
  • “Lidagroprommash” JSC – tests and putting to serial production.
  • “Lintera TechServise” LLC – installation of native software.
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