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Woodworking equipment and tools

Company “Lintera Techservice” is the official representative of the leading manufacturers in the sphere of woodworking machines, tools, hydraulic equipment and automation systems in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

Company “Lintera Techservice” offers the widest range woodworking equipment and tools for various sections of application either for craft industry, or for industrial production.
We can offer budget solutions and large-scale investment projects. For either application the highest quality and the competitiveness of your products remain the obligatory factors for us.

The range of our services also include the planning and updating of the plant in respect of the released products also complete maintenance and service of the machines ant technological lines that we deliver.

Automation. Drives and control

The Drive and Control Department of company “Lintera Techservice” together with our partners specializes in the integral engineering and technological solutions for the customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus in the following fields:

  • industrial automation;
  • hydraulic drives and electronic control;
  • hydraulic components and fittings;
  • reducers and motor-reducers;
  • Couplings and torque limiters, backstops;
  • Slewing Bearings (Slewing Ring);
  • Chain and sprocket;
  • control and measurement devices and machinery;
  • self-lubricating systems;
  • machining attachments;
  • gas springs;
  • iltering of various media (industrial water, oil, processes in food and medical industry).

The engineers of company “Lintera Techservice” will use their own long-time experience, also, the worldwide knowledge of the experts from the partner companies and the experts from the customer companies and will provide the optimal cost-efficient solutions, which will increase the technical level and quality of the machinery, devices and other technological equipment that is produced or  operated in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

Application in mobile engineering:

  • Agricultural and forest machines;
  • Construction machinery, quarry and mine machinery;
  • Carrying and lifting equipment, handling equipment;
  • Transport vehicles (public works trucks, cargo transport means, buses, trolleybuses, etc.).

Industrial application of the proposed systems and components:

  • Machine-tool building;
  • Presses;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Automated machines for thermoplastic materials and machines for pressure casting;
  • Transport and assembly systems;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Oil refining;
  • Material handling;
  • Woodworking equipment;
  • Hydroengineering construction;
  • Railway transport;
  • Textile industry;
  • Theater equipment;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Shipbuilding and marine application;
  • Food and packing industry;
  • Aluminum production;
  • Technologies for amusement parks; energetics.

Own manufacture. Accessories for woodworking industry.

Equipment of own manufacture for woodworking industry.

Accessories for edge-banding machines: vacuum containers for storing glue application units of the edge-banding machines and granule loaders for supplying granulated glue to the pre-melter tank

Industrial Tools and Supplies

The Tooling Department as a separate business line of company “Lintera Techservice” was established as a result of logical development of the activity of the Drive and Control Department. Namely, the employees of this department were occupied with the delivery of items of small-scale mechanization to the customers. However, the quantity of orders increased and a necessity of a specialized department appeared in order to ensure the appropriate service of the customers in the sphere of small-scale mechanization. In connection with the situation above and because of the expansion of the stock-list and implementation of more complex projects a decision to enlarge the Drive and Control Department had been taken, subsequently, the Tools Department had been established.


The principal aim of the new Tools Department is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to the customer in the process of choosing the items of small-scale mechanization for the implementation of its tasks and the increase of production capacity, also, introduction of new methods for the operation of the equipment, increase of quality and the competitiveness of the products.

It can be said for sure that the staff of the Tools Department does not find any difficulties in solving any tasks given by the customer in a short period of time and at the highest level of quality.

Authorized service center

Company LINTERA is especially proud of its own Service Center, which is engaged in two fields of activity:

  • service of woodworking machines
  • service of hydraulics and tools.


Company LINTERA is constantly occupied with the enhancement of qualification level of its employees. The staff of Service Center involves qualified specialists with a long-term experience, who are trained at the plants of the manufacturers and possess the qualification proving certificates. They are always ready to fulfill any tasks concerning the service and repair of the equipment quickly and efficiently: from preventive maintenance up to complete overhaul.

Moreover, our service staff can provide consultations and the trainings of the customers how to work with the machines that they have purchased .


For the convenience of the customers and efficient service of the equipment our storehouse of spare parts for the machines is established just in a neighboring room to the service station. Currently, we are able to offer various methods of spare parts delivery to the customers according to their requirements.

High quality service assures competitive advantages and allows us to realize the requirements of our customers.

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